woman in jean jacket and dress, dark hair, holding her young daughter in pink sweater and dress, lake behind them

life isn’t perfect – let’s be honest

I’m guilty of it myself: my Facebook profile page depicts a pretty perfect life right now. Nice new home just purchased, a mommy and me photo shoot that turned out beautifully, and lots of happy memories. What it doesn’t represent is the hard times, whether it’s a rut in my marriage or a horrific tantrum my almost three-year-old daughter threw my way.

Relationships are hard. Being a parent is hard. We all experience it, but never talk about it. How often do we see posts like ‘my child was a nightmare today’ or ‘my spouse has serious communications issues!’ in our news feeds?

Life isn’t perfect – let’s be honest. Why?

In the difficult times, what’s helped me the most is being honest and putting it out there. When I do, I receive a flood of comments and responses from those who can relate and are going through the same thing. I would have never known had I not said anything.

It feels amazing to know that you’re not alone. That tantrums and bumps in the road are normal. That your toddler isn’t a monster, that you are a good parent and that your marriage is normal.

We all go through ups and downs, but don’t always share the downside. Life is hard, but gets easier with help, support and encouragement from others. Especially from those experiencing the same hardships as you.

So be sure to share and talk to others about the good times and the bad. You’ll be glad you did.

– Rachael, mom, communications professional, kind, introverted, loyal, genuine, determined, chocoholic. Pictured with Ella, adventurous, funny, silly, smart, friendly, strong-willed, extrovert, lover of all things Disney Princess