live your passion at any age

woman with dark hair, blue dress, one shot doing hand stand, another arms in air reaching for the sky, in a back alley

The music began, I took a breath as if I was walking onto a great stage and then I did it…I took that first step onto the dance floor. My first ballet class in 45 years and I was transported to another time. A time when I had not heard of childhood cancer.  When children lived to see their second birthdays.

When my grandson Denzel was diagnosed with leukemia the day after his first birthday, I was catapulted into chaos. Thank God I landed, donned in my pink ballet shoes, into the gentle support of Bodies in Motion Dance Company. With every plié, twirl, jump and movement a smile returned to my face where tears had streamed the day before.

Denzel taught me great courage. Courage to dream big again, to dance again, to audition for the Music Man, to join a girl band, and to start my own business at age 56.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to look up, dust off your dance shoes and let the music you know is inside you play again.

We are counting on you to not let your song go unsung.

– Anne-Marie, passionate, triple threat performer, educator, entrepreneur, mom of 5, sparkliest girl in the room >> learn more