every action matters

man sitting down outdoors on wooden bench, pen and notebook in hand, mid-writing, looking up at camera

We live in times of extremes. You can find something on the web that’s awe-inspiring and with the click of a mouse completely lose your faith in humanity. I try to be the change – to make the positive accessible, especially to youth. And to remind others that anything incredible that has ever happened started with one person.

We are all capable but not all of us are awake. The world suffers from what I call the “Oh well” syndrome. We are so preoccupied with things that don’t matter and turn away from the things that do like social justice, equality, homelessness and poverty.

I am here to remind people what’s important, to reverse some of the negativity through my art and activism, and to do everything I can to support others as they reach for their dreams. We are all so capable. If we could shift our focus from a place of ignorance to a place of acceptance and love, the world would be a brighter, healthier, more colourful place.

Everyone is an influence, whether they realize it or not. Every action matters. And when you strip away everything you realize we are all one, all connected.

I believe we can heal the world together and make the impossible happen. Unity has become what I dub the Inspiration Station. I am planting seeds and showing others how to use their craft to send their own messages out into the world for the greater good.

– Shane, musical, artist, inspirational, passionate, compassionate, humanitarian, activist, motivated, unstoppable, loving, dedicated >> learn more