my three wishes

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I feel the three wish question has always been a tough one to answer. Your wishes change depending on when you’re asked. They could differ week to week, and they likely change depending on what age you are when asked.

When I was 10, I would have said a million dollars (because that’s the standard really big dollar amount kids wish for), a BMX and to hang out with Allysa Milano.

In my late teens, I’d have wished to achieve rock star status, for a car that doesn’t break down and to marry a supermodel. Any supermodel.

In my 20s, I’m sure the wishes were nice cars and houses – to live like Hefner and have bottomless bags of money.

As each year passes the wishes get closer to home…more realistic.

My daughters mean the world to me. I wish I could protect them forever.

My beautiful niece Harper was diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome, a rare neurogenetic disorder. She may never walk. She may never talk. I wish she would. I wish for a cure.

Harper inspired me to start Guys That Give. I was donating to many different causes whenever I could, but had no idea where the money was actually going. Now joined by 99 amazing guys in our community, we’ve raised thousands for local charities, non-profits and organizations that need our support. But there are so many more out there that need our help.

Does it break the rules if my third wish is to have 10 more wishes? If so, I’ll go back to the bottomless bags of money.

– Dave, passionate, altruistic, creative, proud, playful, respectful, determined, pragmatic, dreamer >> learn more