Woman with grey curly hair wearing leopard skin shirt, holding onto wood with ivy crawling up it

our generation had more freedom with our money

I was born in 1944 in England while the Second World War was still going on. We were the first generation who had lots of disposable money and we spent it on records – 33 RPM extended play and albums. We had more freedom with our money than our parents had and by the time we were teenagers, we were full of desire to express ourselves in new and innovative ways.

I spent my evenings at jazz clubs in Hampton Court, Eel Pie Island Twickenham and in London. We experimented with drugs and excessive amounts of alcohol. I knew the Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart (who we called Rod the Mod), Long John Baldry and Elton John (before he came out).

– Jennifer, visual artist, optimist, writer and storyteller, lover of children and babies, Christian, quilter, actor, cook, swimmer, hugger, fan of boats, the ocean, fishing and cruising