love is all we need

Woman with long brown hair, white shirt, smiling in an ally

A list of my life beliefs (so far). I hope they are helpful to you on your journey.

  1. Happiness is a habit. Cultivate it.
  2. Act with purpose. Believe it will happen.
  3. The experience makes it real.
  4. Money is a resource and an idea. It’s also man made. You can always make more of it.
  5. Trust the process of life.
  6. Do what you love.
  7. Strive to relax as well to achieve.
  8. Always choose the highest path of love.
  9. Mistakes are not really mistakes if they are made out of love.
  10. Life is to practise and experience unconditional love.
  11. We’re floating on a rock in space. Enjoy the ride.

I believe technology is here to simplify our lives, to grant us freedom from work so we can devote that freedom to personal development. With an abundance in leisure time we can invest in oneself, maximize our potential, and make time to experience the wonders of the world to ultimately understand and practice unconditional love.

“Everything you can imagine is real.” – Pablo Picasso

– Christine, mother, friend, passionate, creative, designer, educator, learner, deliberate, community builder, entrepreneur, life lover, daydream believer >> learn more