young man wearing tie and bright blue shirt

becoming a leader

There are so many opportunities as a college or university student – academic, professional, social. It’s all about balance, building your network, creating professional contacts, but most importantly enjoying yourself along the way. But, one of the most important aspects for your growth and development is to get involved at your institution(s) as a student leader.

I’ve changed incomparably over the past year while learning how to beneficially think objectively and make decisions in the best interests of 11,000 full-time students at Georgian College. These are skills that have given me a taste of what it would be like to head a major company – skills I likely wouldn’t have acquired anywhere else.

There’s a perception that you need to be book smart or academically inclined to be successful or to be a leader. I strongly believe the key ingredients to success are simple: a willingness to step up for others and the courage to step outside your comfort zone.

– Avery, passionate, leader, action-oriented, self-motivated, optimistic, altruistic, realistic, tree hugger, current President of the Georgian College Students’ Association >> learn more