if my life was a movie

young woman with medium length hair, serious smile, leather jacket

Would I enjoy watching it? Easy. YES! Watching my life as a movie would be kick-ass. I love my life. I travel all over the world. I teach people about the invisible side of life and igniting the human spirit. I’m spontaneous, adventurous and open-minded so I never quite know what’s going to happen or where I will be.

Because I trust in life, I do things most people only dream about. I believe in leading by example – so my life as a movie is an example of living an authentic, adventurous, soul-connected, heart-centered, wild and free life.

Who wouldn’t want to watch that?

– Meagan, #1 best-selling author, soul coach, energy healer, guide, teacher, free spirit, spontaneous, heart-centered, adventurer, loves life, gypsysoul, compassionate, contagious energy, local celebrity >> learn more