young woman with black top, holding baby

my greatest adventure in life

So far, my whole life has been an adventure! Every day I learn something new like crawling up the stairs by myself. Mommy and Daddy seemed scared but I don’t know why; it was amazing.

I absolutely love my fur sister Rexie and all of her friends. I get so excited I laugh and laugh. Laughing is the best. When I laugh, all the adults around me do it too; it’s like magic!

I can’t wait to see what I will learn next. I hope it’s driving…that looks like fun!

– Abigail, adventurous, joyful, energetic, incredible, stubborn, milk-drinking enthusiast


Other than the birth of my daughter, finding a love for running has brought me the greatest adventures in my life. I went from being someone who couldn’t run for even one minute to someone who completed the Haliburton 100-mile trail race in 2014.

Running teaches you that anything is possible; as you achieve your goals, the limitations you create begin to disappear. Essentially, you realize that your goals have no limits. That you are unstoppable, and that is a very powerful thing.

It was also through running that I found my other passion which is coaching others with running and fitness. To be able to share that passion with other people and be part of their successes is an absolute privilege and is what inspires me.

My next big adventure will be adding pre- and post-natal fitness to my resumé!  I loved being able to stay active before and after my pregnancy and felt it helped me not only physically but mentally as well, and I can’t wait to help other moms feel this way too!

– Amanda, first-time mom, ultra-runner, coach, trainer, entrepreneur, tripping and falling enthusiast >> learn more