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the e-book debate

I prefer print books over e-books. I like holding books in my hands and being able to turn the pages. I just prefer the physicality of holding a book and turning its pages rather than the action of swiping pages.

I find I can connect with the physical book easier than with a screen. I feel like I’m holding the story in my hand.

Technology is good in so many ways but in other ways it just adds more steps to things. For instance, rather than handing out a paper syllabus in class, you’re directed to a website where you need to find what you’re looking for, then print it out.

My favourite genre is Sci-Fi or fantasy. I love the Dresden Files and enjoy Jim Butcher’s other series as well.

– Brandon, open to new things, adventurer, loves video games and Sci-Fi, Banshee fan, personal motto: improvise, adapt, overcome

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