my year of YES!

woman with long dark curly hair and blue sweater

I am in the midst of my year of YES! I decided that this year, if it feels right, if it is a positive move and if I can make it work, then I say YES!

We live in uncertain and stressful times. The negativity can sneak in but I wanted to see what would happen if I tried to be open to things that come my way.

YES has led me to take a class, learn new skills, entertain more, listen to a colleague’s amazing band, take on speaking engagements, get to know some interesting people in Barrie, join a group of supportive business women, be the general contractor on my new house, go to a knitting group, open a new business, do a juice cleanse, host a fundraiser, read different books, and spend more time with family and friends.

I saw my first Star Wars movie. I have worked with people in need and I have asked for help myself. Many of the skills I have learned have been fantastic but it is the interesting people I met and the life lessons I learned that fuels my excitement.

We live in amazing times and I am surrounded by amazing people! All of this because I said YES.

One of my favourite sayings is, “When one succeeds, we all do.”

Here is what I’ve learned which confirms some of what I already knew:

  • Meet new people. Help out when you can. Be compassionate. Be empathetic. Be passionate.
  • Embrace strong feelings. Care about other people. Learn new things. Be afraid but do it anyway.
  • Keep your people close.

– Trish, mom of three amazing human beings, wife of the kindest man, physio to some courageous people, hater of spiders (sorry spiders), SUP lover, passionate, kindhearted, crazy, thinker, and maybe a bit bossy >> learn more