young woman with knit sweater, iguana on shoulder

“it was a dark and stormy night…”

The power had gone out earlier that evening and there were no candles in the house. The dog had been barking nonstop, well, it felt like nonstop. If only I had remembered to bring home the generator.

– Vivien, book lover, dragon handler, children wrangler, outdoorsy, canoeist, backpacker – give me nature, problem solver, not a glass-half-empty or half-full person – more of a what’s-in-the-glass person?

#peopleofbarrie is celebrating Ontario Public Library Week (Oct. 16 to 22) in partnership with the Barrie Public Library. We’re featuring patrons and asking BIG questions about books and life. We asked Vivien what the next three lines would be if she re-wrote this story…what would you say?