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the best day of my life

I’ve never been one to do something just because that’s the way everyone else does it. So it might be surprising to hear, but the best day of my life was my wedding day – Oct. 28, 2015.

But this wasn’t your typical traditional wedding, far from it. Dan and I eloped to Edinburgh, Scotland. And didn’t tell anyone – not even our parents.

We were married at Lothian Chambers (City Hall), with only our photographer and her husband as our witnesses. Following the ceremony, we walked the historic cobblestone streets in the rain for hours and took some one-of-a-kind photos, including one with a T-Rex at a museum.

I’d describe the day (as well as every day with Dan) as an adventure. A marriage is between two people and we felt that the wedding should just be between us as well. It was just us.

While I always said we didn’t need to be married and that I was fine being Dan’s “roommate” forever, I am surprised how much I’m enjoying the married life. I like having a husband, and I like being a wife.

But most of all, I like that we made our own path. We did it our way.

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