man with dark rimmed glasses, button up shirt, stands on a balcony

three things I would share with others

First, find love. I found the love of my life over 40 years ago and together we have built our life together through ups and downs, good times and bad. Our love for each other resonates each and every day. Finding and keeping love is important to longevity.

Second, enjoy your work. I have, without question, had great opportunities in life that have allowed me to serve the public in varying capacities. Being thanked for your efforts, regardless of how insignificant you believe them to be, is a reward you never forget. Enjoy what you do and give it your all.

Finally, give with your heart. For five decades I have had the opportunity to bring to children of all ages some of the magic that is associated with the Christmas season. Walking into a room and seeing the eyes of the youngster become alive and watch every step you take and sound you make is a thrill that isn’t forgotten. Those family memories are shared many years later. I hope that everyone gets the opportunity to see those moments some time in their life and remember them forever. The opportunity to give is a gift and I believe we should all give in the manner that best suits the individual.

– Dennis, historical, responsible, humble, proud pop, weatherman, religious, community volunteer