my greatest teacher has been my travels

Travelling opens up a whole new world of thinking and teaches you to look internally and externally as you never have before. It provides new environments, new challenges, new emotions along with access to new opportunities, adventures, conversations, relationships and connections, which expands your understanding and opens up your entire mindset in ways you never knew were possible.

I have had the fortune to learn science, history, politics, diplomacy, geography, psychology, sociology, philosophy, leadership, linguistics, international business and many more formal and informal subjects through my travels.

Additionally, travel has allowed me to learn about myself personally in ways that have helped me strive to be a better person. It was because of travel I stopped being a classroom teacher (which is where I started my career) and have decided to become someone who passionately encourages individuals to enhance and expand their mindset and learning through travel.

– Leslie, collaborator, innovator, strategic, idealistic, passionate and open >> learn more