my super power is creativity

I think outside of the box to solve problems.

I recently discovered that I have a wild imagination. Actually, that is not completely true. I have always had an imagination, but I never thought that others would like the things I create.

You see, I suffer from depression and anxiety and nothing I made was ever good enough – at least in my mind. Then, one day, someone saw one of my drawings and my world started to grow.

Now I have a drawing book wherever I go, and “doodle” every moment that I can. My drawings have attracted attention and I find I am sharing more and more. All of this has given me the strength to talk about my anxiety and depression which has actually lead to better drawings.

Art is an escape, and I can lose hours on a single item. I can lend my creative side more freely and this has brought even more positive reinforcement.

I now see that I do not need to hide my talents, nor do I need to hide my disabilities. I have grown from my art, and my art has grown in leaps and bounds thanks to open dialogue.

It is a crazy circle, and I await the next step.

– Lawrence, artistic, good sense of humour, friendly, extrovert, creative