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Always try to help others in need

A perfect day for me starts with waking up really fresh having had enough sleep. If I don’t have enough sleep, then my day cannot be perfect. It should be followed by a good shower and a healthy breakfast. These three things make the perfect morning.

Another thing that is very essential for me on a perfect day is to do something productive that I can be proud of at the end of my day. I try to learn something new every day because learning anything new will never go to waste. This can involve anything from learning a better gesture or new phrase in another language to picking up a new sport. You can do anything, as long as it makes you and the people around you happy.

Also, a perfect day wouldn’t be perfect if you haven’t talked to your parents or close friends.

My goal is to do what makes me happy and never get stressed or worried about anything. I believe that if you’re always optimistic, nothing bad will harm you. Try to learn from everything that happens in the day and always try to help others in need. If you do this, then every day will be a perfect day. Keep smiling and spread smiles all around you.

– Marvin, workaholic, soccer buff, Liverpool F.C. fan, Georgian extramural cricket athlete, proud environmentalist and winner of the Water Resources Award, International ambassador, math and science geek, Marvel and DC fan >> learn more