woman in black jacket, plaid scarf, short grey hair, leans against white wall outdoors

the life experience that strengthened me most

In my mid twenties a series of challenging life events left me in a state of mental confusion. After some serious introspection, I decided to reach out for some mental health support to help me put my life path into perspective. And so the re-parenting process began.

I embarked on a journey to myself that I cannot stress enough how thoroughly and absolutely grateful I am to have made that choice. I learned so much about myself that I did not know. I learned to love myself unconditionally. I decided to go back to school, completing two years of college and four years of university. I loved school as a mature student! If I could afford to, I would still be in school!

I strongly urge anyone who feels disillusioned, lost, troubled or disoriented in life to REACH OUT for help. The therapeutic healing process was not always a breeze but so well worth the trip!

– Kathy, extroverted-introvert, optimistic-realist, empath, loyal friend, intuitive, genuine, curious, hippie at heart, proud Canadian, supporter of our Troops, nature lover, independent, broad-minded, determined, respectful, helpful, wise, lifetime library member