santa holding a present, sitting under a tree

the greatest gift

I’ve been accused of representing the commercialization of Christmas, but the holidays – to me – are about much more than gifts.

They’re about spreading joy and laughter. Reaching out to offer a kind smile to a stranger. Giving back, in whatever way you can.

They’re about family and friends. Celebrating all we have to be grateful for and pausing to reflect.

They’re about noticing the little things – the way a child’s eyes light up, the snow glistens on the trees, or the sun hangs differently, but still brilliantly, in the sky.

But mostly, they’re about love.

Love is the greatest give we can give ourselves and others. If you have nothing under the tree but love then your life is full of blessings and abundance.

– Santa, jolly, giver, joyous, loves to laugh, friend to all (elves, reindeer included), regular Barrie vacationer