sisters and friends

two sisters laying in the grass laughing, both wearing big floppy hats and floral tops

My sister is the one I love to the moon and back. Her gift to me was another chance at life, the one I would give my life for.

– Linda, unconditional, patient, grateful, happy, daring, loving, peaceful, empathetic


Linda has always been a wonderful, positive influence in my life. Of course we had our fair share of scraps growing up, but as we got older we became not just the best of friends but sister soulmates. That has nothing to do with the kidney I donated to her, however, it seemed to bond us even tighter than before…if that’s possible.

She is someone I can always count on no matter what; she is the one person who I can totally let my guard down with. She doesn’t judge me or anyone really. I’m blessed to call her my family, sister and friend.

РJanet, lover of life, proud grandmother to 4 granddaughters with another grandchild on the way, 5 step-grandsons and a step-granddaughter on the way, enjoys working as a caregiver for seniors, part-time reflexology/Reiki business owner, boats in the warm months with hubby