man in jeans, black sweater and grey and orange jacket, wearing glasses, leans on wall outside, downtown alley

spend time out of your comfort zone

When I was in college, one of my professors stated, “We work at and study those things we’re already good at. It’s easy to do and provides immediate satisfaction, and reinforces our belief that everything should be easy.”

I often reflect back on this statement, and this has led me to believe we should instead work at and study those things we aren’t naturally good at. If you are afraid of heights, try rock climbing; if you avoid being heard, speak out; if your comfort level is on the sidelines, get involved. Time spent on what we do not like, avoid, or are not good at teaches us perseverance, resiliency and provides long-term satisfaction. It takes us beyond our comfort zone, allowing us to learn and grow in new ways.

– Craig, idealistic-pragmatist, outdoors person, activist, generalist in the time of specialization, chef, parent, partner