father bends down to give young son a snowball

my first time playing in snow

In winter 2015-16, I saw snow and my Dad and Mom took me out in it almost every day, but this year I was given warm boots and an awesome snowsuit that lets me go and walk around in the snow!

At first, I was confused because my feet would sink and it was so hard to lift them, but Daddy helped me with that and I am getting better at it now!

My very first time playing in the snow was truly a Canadian experience – I made a snow angel, attempted a snowball fight (man do mittens make it hard to use my hands) and I even licked an icicle (thank god my tongue didn’t get stuck!).

I love the snow, and have so much fun every time I go out to play in it.

– Declan, giggle monster, non-stop eater, and the sunshine in my family’s life