man in blue jacket with glasses, head shot

the value of sports

In Grade 1 I was diagnosed with ADHD. Rather than put me on meds, my parents channeled my overly energetic spirit into sports like baseball and hockey. I even remember running around and around and around on the track as a kid.

Sports taught me how to focus, how to play with emotion as opposed to let my emotions control me. They were what kept me in school – especially high school since I had to keep my grades up to play.

They became a source of many long-term friendships.

They taught me how to win and lose on the field and in life…in every victory or defeat, there was a lesson.

They taught me the importance of teamwork and comradery, setting goals and overcoming adversity along the way.

They opened up so many doors for me. Gave me incredible opportunities to live a life of “Remember when?” rather than “What if?”

And still, today, I’m learning. The guys who play for me teach me as much as I teach them.

– John, son, husband, father, empathetic, tough, champion of the little guy, Rugby Canada’s Male Coach of the Year