Woman with curly hair sits at table, tarot cards around her

do you believe in magic?

To this question I must respond with a resounding yes!

My long-time slogan has been: “I Believe in the Magic of Life, Come See What I See.” It is the principle I have endeavoured to live by most of my adult life. The roots of this belief come from my passion and training for photography from a young age. Through the camera everything became wondrous and magical.

Magic comes in so many different forms. It is my belief that our ability to wake up and live each day is, in itself, a special kind of magic. Something as simple as sunshine creating sparkles on water can nearly bring me to tears of delight. Don’t get me wrong, I know adversity exists and I have personally experienced dark times at many junctures as well. Yet the wondrous quality of the world around us, and the resiliency of the human spirit, fills me with awe and excitement.

When in times of personal struggle I normally turn to the power of this belief and something almost miraculous normally shows up to offer a solution to my problem. I am aware that this can easily be relegated to the mundane concept of chance but where’s the fun and magic in that? I prefer to see the specialness of it all because without this my life would feel somewhat diminished. It is my ambition to share my belief through my words, images and actions to empower others to see just how magical they are themselves.

– Colette, situational extrovert, empath, intuitive advisor, creative thinker, follower of random butterflies, easily distracted by shiny things >> learn more