if we only stopped for a few minutes

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The older I become, the more I learn that family is everything and the experiences that they share with you can change your life.

I can remember it like it was yesterday; the day my Grandfather had a heart attack. We were called to the hospital and I held back the tears as I hugged him before he headed in for surgery. He had six bypasses performed. He made it through the surgery and all seemed fine.

I spoke to him that morning; the morning he had a stroke and was back in the hospital. The room was dark and he was laying there motionless on a hospital bed. The doctor informed us that he would never walk or talk again due to his body being paralyzed completely on one side.

Months passed; he went for therapy session after therapy session. Slowly but surely, he regained strength and began walking and talking.

I had never seen my Grandfather cry until that happened. He was frustrated, he felt like giving up, he was depressed but despite all of that, he persevered. He continued with therapy and grew stronger and stronger.

What an amazing experience it was to watch him progress. His strength and determination was present through the entire experience and I have so much respect for him. It is still hard for him to smile, but every time I am able to make him smile or laugh, it is a small victory and it honestly makes me feel so happy.

My mother recently went back to school to pursue a career. Her strength, determination and her heart for others makes her absolutely amazing. She put her dreams on hold to be there for her family and now that my brother and I are adults, she is finally doing something that she loves.

My mother continues to inspire me every single day and the older I get, the more I find her becoming my friend. I find it funny how despite living in the same house, I hardly ever get to see her because of our conflicting schedules. I always try and make time in my schedule to make sure I spend time with her.

Sometimes, I don’t feel as though our generation takes into consideration what our parents and grandparents do for us or the struggles that they face in their lives. If we only stopped for a few minutes to talk to them and find out how they’re doing, it can make a huge difference in their lives and ours.

Don’t take your family for granted; you never know how long they’ll be there.

– Jasmine, nerd, unicorn lover, fashionista, singer, entrepreneur, shoe obsessed >> learn more