the soundtrack of my life (sort-of in order)

Woman sitting in a Muskoka chair by Kempenfelt Bay

Don’t Let Me Down – Beatles

Although I came to love this song more recently, as a young child I thought that all music was either Beatles or Beethoven. My musical and life education has come a long way since then!

It’s Still Rock and Roll To Me – Billy Joel

My first 45 turned out to also be my husband’s first 45. Funnily enough, whenever I mention it around him, he always seems surprised and recounts his story to me.

Beat It – Michael Jackson

Growing up as a teen in a community with limited ethnic diversity, when MJ became popular I got to play him in all the talent show re-enactments of Beat It!

A View to a Kill – Duran Duran

A die-hard James Bond fan (although Pierce Brosnan is my fav), this movie featuring Grace Jones shaped a phase in my life where my copy-cat hairstyle earned me the nickname Gracie.

Purple Rain – Prince

Last year, when I mourned the loss of Prince, I came to realize that his music, and this movie soundtrack, signified a new era of self-acceptance in my life.

Kind of Blue – Miles Davis

I’m not sure if it started after his cameo in the movie “Scrooged”, but I started to explore the genres of jazz and blues and discovered a new-found musical love.

Freedom is a Voice – Bobby McFerrin

This song resonates with me in terms of self-expression and finding your place in the world. It was amazing to see him live at Roy Thompson Hall and to introduce my daughter to his amazing music.

Someone to Watch Over Me – Ella Fitzgerald

Despite my fierce independent streak, hearing this song moves me, and makes me take a moment to reflect on my cherished loved ones who support me, care for me and lift me up.

All Apologies – Herbie Hancock

While living in St. John’s, I became enlightened by Herbie’s amazing talent. Seeing him at Massey Hall with Chick Corea, with my husband and daughter was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Umi Says – Mos Def

“My Umi says ‘shine your light on the world’.” These words have always touched me and remind me to always be true to myself and to believe in myself.

How Far is Heaven – Los Lonely Boys

I just always loved this song. Now my husband says whenever hears it he’s reminded of me singing along to it!

Someone Like You – Van Morrison

Close to my heart, this is our wedding song. My acquiescence to my then-fiancé’s last-minute request to switch to this song, spoke to the strength of our partnership and a trust that has become my rock.

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