when i truly feel alive

There are so many things that drive me in my life: Doing hair gives me the ability to be creative on a daily basis; it keeps my brain and my soul happy. Teaching brings me a different kind of joy; to help people develop their minds and build a better future for themselves…there is no better feeling. But Drag!!!

There are no words to describe how alive I feel when I am doing Drag. From the moment I sit at my make-up table to start the transformation into Justine D’as, there is this energy that flows through me. Making my whole being dance.

There is so much about the art and the rich history of Drag that gives me purpose. To be a part of this antiquated and revered culture means everything to me.

Like everything in life, to be a Drag Queen takes passion, ambition, hard work and never letting anyone tell you, “No” or “You can’t.”

A wise Drag Queen once said: “It takes a lot of balls to put on a dress and high heels and perform” and it’s very true. There is a lot of blood, sweat, tears and personal growth that goes into becoming a Queen. You always push yourself out of your comfort zone, and to think outside of the box. It’s funny how much being Justine has helped me be a better person in my day-to-day life.

Although Justine has yet to make her stage debut, she has started to make a presence on social media and has slowly started to make her face known in the community. And when that time comes, I will truly feel fulfilled.

To be on stage. Entertaining people. Carrying on the history and knowledge of our community. Bringing the whole art form together. That is what gives me life. That is what truly makes me feel alive.

– Mitchell, dreamer, passionate, caring, loud, hairstylist, teacher, Drag Queen