helping hands

young girl sits on streets downtown; blonde hair, blue jeans, pink tee and sweater, holding up backs of hygiene essentials for the homeless

When we asked Alex why she began to pack ziplock bags with personal products for those less fortunate, she simply said: “Some people need help. I have all these things and I just want to make sure others do too.”

Such a powerful perspective from such a young mind. We’re inspired!

Alex, with the help of her mom, friends and family have raised over $600 to buy products to fill these packs.  The packs include items we may all take for granted like socks, toothbrushes, floss and soap.

If you’re inspired too and want to learn more about Alex’s quest to help others in need, check out her Facebook page Helping Hands Bags.

– Alex, daughter, sister, junior philanthropist, gymnast, artsy comedian