woman in black sweater and patterned black and white top stands outside building, yellow fall leaves on the ground

my greatest inspiration is…

My mom – and more broadly, the women in my family. My mom is one tough lady! When I was 14 and she was only 44, she had a stroke – she spent weeks in the hospital and rehab surpassing every expectation doctors had for her. Today, you’d have no idea she was ever sick. She’s shown me that no matter what life throws at you, you can persevere. She’s now living life to its fullest, travelling whenever she’s able – she’s absolutely amazing.

I come from a line of survivors. My grandmother, on my dad’s side, survived the war in England and emigrated to Canada in the 50s to start a new life and a family with my grandad, leaving her family and everyone familiar behind. She passed away only a few years ago at the age of 92. My other grandmother suffered from heart disease from an early age, yet still managed to raise four children. She was a firm believer in education for women, encouraging all of her children to pursue postsecondary education and make sure that they could provide for themselves.

All three of these ladies serve as my teachers.

– Heather, book nerd, crossword addict, introvert with a loud side, Netflix connoisseur