it’s been an unbelievably happy, happy time

Elderly couple; black and white head shot

We’ve really had a beautiful life. Things have just happened for us that we’re so thankful for.

There have been bumps – and sometimes those bumps have seemed like the end of the world. But you have to learn how to ride the track you’re on and we’ve always worked together.

A good sense of humour is important. A Little Night Music is one of our favourite musicals and “Send In the Clowns” is one of the songs. Whenever the couple in the show were having problems, that’s what they would do – send in the clowns. We’ve always tried to live by that rule too.

– John and Marnie, married 70 years, have three sons, met on a boardwalk in Sunnyside (Toronto), were friends with Princess Margaret who they met on the Island of Mustique, really enjoy living in Barrie