woman with long dark hair, black and white dress

the hardest thing I ever had to experience in my life…

…was to come to Canada on my own. I was 16 years of age. My family remained in Peru.  I had to adjust to Canadian culture, which included language, food and weather conditions. I have now lived in Canada for 20 years and am raising my family. My immediate family of my mother, brother and sister now live with us in Barrie.

My business first began wholesaling children’s clothing, and evolved into my own retail business selling children’s and adult formal wear. I have had to adapt and be creative in my approach to life and business to overcome many challenges.

I consider myself to be resilient person who never gives up on life’s challenges. I am proud to be a Canadian citizen.

– Kayleen, creative entrepreneur, hard worker, passionate, driven, building life by design >> learn more