every day is a new beginning. 

reporter holds up her camera

What has grief taught me about living?

Grief has taught me about sunrises. At Barrie’s beautiful waterfront I witness and photograph the sun coming up in a ritual that is very important to my life now.

Every morning is like Christmas – a wonderful gift waiting to be opened, discovered and enjoyed. Mother Nature has many moods which can be reflected in the clouds, light and colours. Grief has taught me to surround myself in nature’s beauty.

Grief has taught me about laughter. In my home, we enjoy a good laugh and I cherish the times we watch comedians or a funny series on television. I welcome the many videos and memes my son wants me to view, just for a laugh. Grief has taught me to have fun at work, even when it’s not fun.

Grief has taught me about appreciation. I am grateful for everything I have and I know it. I am grateful for my many opportunities. I am thankful for my good health and the good health of my family.

I appreciate a good meal, workout, song, story. I appreciate the roof over my head and a career that I love. I am grateful for my family.

Grief has taught me about communication. I make sure the people I love, know I love them. I am almost obsessive about telling them I love them but you never know what life has in store and it’s better to live without regret. Grief has taught me to communicate more clearly and directly.

Grief has taught me about living. During my career as a crime reporter, I interviewed hundreds of grieving people who have suffered unimaginable loss. Grief has taught me compassion, empathy, how to listen and most importantly to appreciate the good in my life. Grief is caused by many different types of losses – death, relationships, career.  Grief has taught me not to judge another person’s grief.

Grief has taught me to understand that I must, as Howard Stern once said, “Enjoy. Even when you’re not enjoying.”

Grief has taught me about sunrises. Every day is a new beginning.

– Sue, creative, driven, determined, avid shutterbug (easy in Barrie because it’s so beautiful), devoted mom – which is the best thing ever, intrepid reporter for Barrie Today >> learn more