what i love most about being a dad

dad and his daughter

I get to relive everything I took for granted when I was a kid. Even book orders and book fairs excite me now!

I also appreciate the unconditional love. Having my daughter look to me for guidance. Watching her develop. Spending quality time with her.

I get to share with her all the stuff I loved as a kid. She’s currently obsessed with Ninja Turtles!

– Aaron, goofy, cheesy, nerdy, talkative, social


I love my daddy!

He gives me treats like donuts. He’s something cozy. I go on dates with him like lunch.

He tucks me in, I sleep, wake up and the sun comes up!

– Hannah, loves Paw Patrol, playing with mommy and daddy, jumping on the bed, super happy, energetic, full of love