young blonde woman looks pensively out a window, wearing big flower necklace

who i’m most grateful for

My mother is the first who comes to mind. She passed away when I was 25, and my dad four years later. I’m so lucky to have had a close relationship with both my parents, but my mother was a guiding light. Some would say she still is.

I was brought up with respect for different aspects of the healing spectrum. My mom was sharp, an emergency nurse on one hand and compassionate, a reiki master on the other. She seemed to float on intuition and crash into common sense equally. She embodied challenge, contradiction, caring and was capable of anything. She taught me all of this, instilled it accidentally maybe but to this day fear doesn’t stop me. “Do it afraid,” she said, stating it’s the things that scare you that are the most important.

I’m so grateful to have some of these roots to revisit when the inner balance really needs to be brought back. Being sensitive to energy, I’ve always had a harder time staying grounded, especially now with two small children. Getting married and starting a family without them both was surreal to say the least. I come back to my mom in my mind a lot. Oh, if she could see my aura now…lol.  I would come home from high school and she would say “Your aura’s muddy, what happened today?” as my teenage eyes rolled right past her.

Ultimately, I think she taught me the value of connection. She was loved by family, friends, peers and the community really. She made sure we (my brother, sister and I) were always a part of our community growing up. We volunteered, we started programs, we held fundraisers, we were part of it, connected. It’s what we’re here for.  It’s what #thepeopleofbarrie project is all about, and I love that. We can all heal, help and have purpose.

Surrender and listen to whatever your gift is and trust it. I’m working on taking my own advice as I branch out in my career a little bit more. Funny thing is, I’m not afraid.

– Kellie, mother, mystic, massage therapist…occasionally known by her children as “maleficent”, may they always fear the dragon, just a little bit 😉 >> learn more