older woman with grey curly hair sits in a chair, glasses, looking fierce but kind

what i learned from my students

They taught me how to teach them by listening, observing and being patient. We also played a lot of games, which made teaching fun.

I remember when I moved to one particular school, people warned me it would be difficult and the kids would be a challenge. But the kids were wonderful and the school was a great place to work.

I enjoyed my teaching career immensely. It was the best thing ever.

Now, my favourite place to be is in the outdoors with my family and my dog Woody. Woody is a calm and gentle retriever/lab that enjoys his ‘therapy’ visits to the senior home where he is lavished with attention.

– Patty, eclectic, free-spirited, fiercely independent, outdoorsy, grandmother of two, frequents Sunnidale Park and the waterfront, almost 30-year Barrie resident, loves art and community theatre