my advice is simple: to thine own self be true

young man staring directly into camera, wearing a suit

In life our educational, religious, and political establishments attempt to mold us in the interest of the establishment. Our parents, often with good intentions, try to save and protect us from the world with their own biases and misunderstanding. Media and advertising seek to brainwash us to consume mindlessly as if happiness will be found with the next purchase. The result is a world where too many of us are locked in a cycle of emptiness.

As a result of hitting rock bottom in my 20s, I stumbled on meditation and the ancient wisdom of many great philosophers. Through mindfulness I learned not only what my purpose and passion was in life, but how to live with true meaning. During this time everything changed because my perspective had changed. I found myself having a real positive impact on not only my own life but those around me. Life’s been a blissful playground since the day I learned who I was.

My advice is simple: to thine own self be true. You can only meet others as deeply as you know yourself. You may be afraid … do it anyways. We are temporary while opportunities only last for a brief moment.

– Bruce, disruptive, sincere, philosophical, resourceful, manœuvrable or adaptive, rational, empathetic and passionate