all animals have wild tendencies, even if they are tame pets

young woman with short curly brown hair looks down, headshot, bear behind her growling

I hope to engage the viewer with my paintings through colour and subject matter. Recently, I have been exploring images of wildlife that seem alone in their surroundings. The use of negative space gives this illusion and also creates a sense of happening.

Choosing to place the animal by itself inspires a portrait-like composition. Unlike landscapes with wildlife included, the animals are separated from their environment, and are then forced to be seen on their own. The story they tell is a bit of a mystery because of this.

All animals have wild tendencies, even if they are now tame pets. When dogs play, they shake their toys back and forth to break the neck of their prey. I enhance this wildness by omitting the light spots in their eyes. This creates emotion for the viewer and accents the beauty of these creatures. The colour that is chosen for the background also enhances the mood of the painting whether it is calm or vibrant.

As an artist I relish these emotions created and feel that I am making a personal connection as well.

– Melissa, creative, Christian, goofy, wife, aunt and daughter >> learn more