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i feel very fortunate to have found two of my loves

There is no better high than performing live on stage – feeling the bass through the stage floor and smiling out to the audience. Every time I stepped on stage, I feel like the time just flies by and I want to stay longer and sing my heart out.

I’ve been very fortunate to play to many crowds, one of which was the Barrie Downtown Countdown New Year’s Eve back in 2012. There were 10,000 people that made their way through city hall that night, and the energy and the adrenaline that moved through me was just incredible and indescribable.

Doing what I love and sharing it with all of those who will listen is such a gift. And now I’ve found a new love of teaching yoga. I remember my first class almost a year ago. It was nerve wrecking and SO exciting at the same time. And when I finished my class with my last words “Namaste” I felt this huge sigh of happiness come out of my lungs: I did it, I really did it!

I remember driving home that day thinking, “let’s do that again,” and now I get to share and guide students every day!

I feel very fortunate to have found two of my loves. I feel most alive performing and teaching, and really giving back to others. That’s what lights me up!

– Sarah, energetic, humanitarian, authentic, creative, different (and I’m ok with it), motivated, committed; others have said I’m humble, selfless, graceful and witty; yoga teacher, singer-songwriter, and leader of Songwriters’ Association of Canada’s Barrie Regional Writers Group >> learn more