what i am passionate about

woman with short purple hair stands in park, wearing neutral colours, half smile

I am passionate about everything I do. I am passionate about making a difference. I am passionate about our planet, about not wasting resources, about being fully awake.

I am passionate about the time I give to animal rescue, freedom transports and searching for missing and lost dogs. They are my passion. This is one that I hold especially dear to my heart. They feel, they fear, they are living, breathing sentient beings and humanity could stand to learn so much from them. It may be one or two at a time but it makes you feel like you have genuinely accomplished something better for this world we live in and for generations to come. This helps me focus and gather my thoughts. It grounds me.

I am passionate about how I design for people. I am passionate about exploring nature by scuba diving, snowmobiling, jeeping. This allows me the opportunity to see the world and places that not too many people have the privilege of seeing and being able to get an appreciation of what is around us.

I am passionate about cooking, having come from a family that had Cordon Bleu Chefs as well as artists in it. I love the process of researching new recipes or finding old ones.  I am passionate about the work that I do even though there are so many who do not understand my vision.

I am passionate about the world and what families are passing on to the younger generation – human compassion and kindness. These are unprecedented times.

I am passionate about those I consider my friends as I wish to see them succeed in whatever they wish to do and pursue.

I am passionate about my family, faith, my healing journey, the many moods of the shifting sky, sunrises and sunsets. Having enriching and heartfelt conversations. I am passionate for the positive things life has to offer. We, as humans, often forget to just live for the moment. Be positive, be passionate about everything you do.

I am simply inspired.

– Mo, volunteer, committed, giving, scuba diver, jeeper, adventurer, animal advocate, creative director of NOKNOK >> learn more