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the biggest risk i’ve taken

I’ve been taking risks my whole life and every time I do I learn something about myself, my purpose and this journey I’m on.

I moved out west with my bf because we wanted something different, we wanted to challenge ourselves. Packing up our entire life and moving across the country was scary and hard but really helped me gain confidence in myself and my skills as a makeup artist.

Last year I took a risk and left my steady-paying job – a job I loved – to go for something I wanted even more. I wanted the perfect work/life balance. I wanted to spend my days with my children but I wasn’t willing to lose my passion along the way.

I began to work full-time as a freelance hair and makeup artist. I got the best of both worlds: weekday mommy and weekend artist.

It’s easy to play it safe. To stay where you are and be comfortable. When you have two kids, a husband, a house…it’s not easy to take risks, especially when it effects more than just yourself.

But I knew I loved working with people and learning about their lives. I love being a part of memorable days and teaching skills that make someone feel more confident. I love being able to make people feel like the best version of themselves.

This risk and decision I made was the best thing I could have ever done. Is it easy? Hell no! But is it worth it? Yes! Yes a millions times over.

I think the most important thing is to trust your gut, follow your instinct and believe in yourself.

– Jordan, makeup artist, hairstylist, mom, dreamer, hippie at heart, risk taker >> learn more