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i can find happiness and gratitude on my worst days

Happiness and joy are two things I’ve given a lot of thought about.

Before I started a video game company with my husband, I was coaching and speaking about the elusive nature of happiness and how folks could find more joy. I’ve always considered happiness to be something we’re constantly chasing after – when I achieve X, buy X, have X, etc., whereas joy is taking stock of the present moment and being grateful for all of life’s small miracles.

I’ve been keeping a gratitude journal for six years and I work at chronicling five things a day I’m grateful for. After my husband’s near-death experience, we returned to Barrie after a 20-year absence. I was grateful and happy for a roof over our head, healthcare and many pots of tea.

Being happy (or being in joy) is, for me, about being content with what you have – friends, connection, passion in your every day.

I can find happiness and gratitude on my worst days – it isn’t always easy, but it’s like a muscle you flex, it gets easier when we train ourselves to look for moments of happiness, joy and gratitude.

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