woman leaning against tree in backyard

my why is making all women – no matter their shape or size – feel sexy or beautiful

The tagline for my business is, “Sexy is not a size; it’s an attitude.”

I’m the owner of Sinfully Cinched and I’ve been in Barrie for 17 years. I came for college, fell in love with a man and stayed. I couldn’t really imagine living anywhere else.

My business started, literally, as a rant on one of the mom Facebook pages a few years ago. I couldn’t find anything that fit me because I have boobs and a butt! And everyone else was like, “If you find anything or are going to do anything about it, I’ll start buying.”

That was four years ago. I’ve received great support from the community who give me tips, ideas and marketing strategies. People send me ideas about what to bring in as well as links to different events I should go to with my clothing – some I wouldn’t have thought of going to – like this past weekend I was just at the Ottawa Comiccon.

I started with little shows around town and grew from there. When I did my original business plan, I thought my age group was going to be 25 to 45. But now I do a lot of work for Grade 8 grads; moms come in to say, “Just strap everything down!” And my oldest client has been 76.

I’ve been doing more business in the LGBTQ community with women in transition and pieces for people in wheelchairs. I have also brought in some pieces for men. There are not a lot of items out for male cosplayers and those guys that love steampunk. Basically, I will fit anyone with a body. I love helping people feel good about themselves.

Now, I’m taking on reps and turning it into a multi-level marketing business. It’s been so fun. But none of it would have been possible without the support of the people in Barrie!

I love helping women feel good. All weekend at Comiccon I had women of all different shapes and sizes saying they couldn’t wear my clothing because they were too big, or too old or over a certain size. I tell them, “I’m 42! So, let’s go try one on and see how you feel.” And the result is always the same – they try something on and immediately go into a power pose. It feels great.

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