woman holding her pug

i’ve always been a dog person

I grew up with a dog. My parents got a schnauzer one year before they had me, and joked (without joking at all) that he was my older brother for his whole life.

So yes, I’ve always been a dog person. All through high school, studying for my bachelor’s degree, studying for my law degree, and then trying to find any job I could, my goal was always just to be financially stable enough to adopt a dog. A pug, specifically. Always a pug.

Finally, about two years ago, I announced to my boyfriend that we were driving out to East-Farm-Country-Nowhere the next day to meet our pug-mix puppy. I thought I was getting a pug couch-companion with just enough Jack Russell mixed in that she wouldn’t have breathing problems. Instead, we got an adorably weird-looking Jack Russell with insane boundless energy, infinite appetite, and a flair for the dramatic. Harley – very fittingly named after the Batman villain – gets us out of bed each morning, offers the most enthusiastic unconditional love I’ve ever seen, and makes me laugh every single day.

My crazy furbaby fuzznugget is nothing like what I thought I wanted. But, she is everything I needed.

– Marissa, author, coach and publicist, thespian lover, dancer, and dog mom >> learn more