my entire life has been an adventure

man standing in bank of windows wearing jeans, white shirt and black suit jacket, smiling

I took advantage of every opportunity I could, and I still do.

I founded a ground-breaking company that pioneered the eBook industry. I began a consultancy with a focus on executive strategic planning for electronic publishing.

I trained more than 6,500 people and developed hundreds of winning athletes as a personal training and athletic coach.

I started a construction company called The Ultimate Handyman.

I taught high school students.

I was also part of a documentary about the future of artificial intelligence and biotech engineering – and how they will impact the course of humankind.

Now, I’m a professor at Georgian College and I love it!

If you looked at my resumé, you’d likely think it’s way too long (and definitely unrealistic). And that’s not to brag, but it’s just proof I’ve gone where curiosity has led me.

Life is too short. Be kind, be careful, think of other people, leave a room better than when you entered, be open to try new things…and have fun along the way.

– Chris, dad, entrepreneur, loves to solve problems, coach, mentor