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an act of kindness i will never forget

I ran out of money during my second year of college. Going home or asking my parents for cash wasn’t an option.

For a few weeks, I couch surfed at a good friend’s house. Then one day about six weeks before the end of the final semester, I broke down in tears in my professor’s office and told her what I’d been going through. She invited me to stay in the spare room at her apartment for the duration of the school year; never once in the weeks following this conversation did the professor lecture me outside of the classroom. She gave me a place to sleep and study and feel safe.

This experience taught me empathy and fairness. It showed me that listening was far more valuable than blame and judgment.

I am a good journalist, husband and father today because of this professor’s kindness.

Her compassion saved my life.

– Chris, father, husband, journalist, writer, photographer, creative, basketball fan, video game lover, slide aficionado and cat dad