woman standing beside white horse

lessons learned

I think that sometimes we get so attached to how a journey “should” go in life, we lose sight of the destination.

One thing I have learned in the not-so-distant past is that sometimes it is about the destination. Even though the journey may not have looked or felt like what you wanted or planned, or even if you had no say in taking that journey, the destination can make it all worthwhile. The scary part is, even though you may know the destination, you have no idea what it will be like once you arrive. There is uncertainty, concern and an experience of being out of control.

My advice…Stay the course and be open to possibilities. You can deal with what is in front of you once you arrive and you might just find you ended up exactly where you were meant to be.

– Gay, outgoing, great sense of humour, organized, horse lover, proud mom, and keto lover