godzilla, a special street, and forgiveness

young kid and mom laying under cartoon drawing on grey floor

If I could have one super power…

I would be able to turn into anything. That way I could turn into ridiculously big things like Godzilla or King Kong.

– Gabe, 8 years old, likes Minecraft and eats sushi

Gabe’s mom also shared:

When Gabe grows up he wants to build houses. He has talked about this since as far back as I can remember. He believes that things like food and housing should be free. He is very concerned about people who don’t have places to live or food to eat in our community. His idea when he grows up is that he is going to create a special street where he will build houses that people who need one can live in for free. And it will be a special street because we (as in the community) will move homeless people here, give them all the food they need, all the clothes they need and help them get jobs, if they want. They can stay there as long as they like. He keeps asking me what a ‘builder’ for houses is called so he go to school for that. (I think he just wants to skip the whole elementary and high school thing…)

Is justice or forgiveness more important?

I think forgiveness is justice and this is important. I don’t really believe life is fair but I do believe that it allows us to seek a state of balance. In forgiving, we bring justice to whatever and whoever has ‘wronged’ us. In this act, I think we end up understanding the power of grace, allowing it to humble us and balance us through the perspectives that ‘shades of grey’ offer. It is more of a spiritual or divine interpretation but I believe seeing forgiveness as justice transcends, yet defines the ‘Earth School’ experience.

– Nicole, Citizen: Spaceship Earth