young toddler sitting in the grass eating watermelon

i see you and think you are beautiful

They say beauty is socially constructed. That we see ourselves how the world sees us, or rather, how we think the world sees us.

I haven’t been on this planet for long enough to develop this warped perception of myself. I look in the mirror and smile a big cheeky grin at the sight I see. I see my beauty. I see my kind soul radiating out. What I see makes me smile even more.

Folks, if I could gift y’all with one thing it would be the ability to see yourselves as you saw yourself before the world conditioned you to see otherwise. As beautiful, soulful, worthy beings.

We are not our bodies. We are so much more. But still, our bodies are the amazing vehicles that carry us through this journey we call life. They are pretty rad. As we grow and age we look back on pictures and smile at how youthful we were. But in those moments, were we happy, present and connected with the reflection that we saw?

Choose to see your beauty. I promise, the ability to see and love yourself fully is hidden in there somewhere. But for now, know that I see you and think you are beautiful!

– Charlie, present, connected, deep listener, happy go lucky, delicious, proud little sister