young mom with two daughters standing in backyard

the biggest lesson i’ve learned parenting

We put so much pressure on ourselves and on each other to be “perfect moms.” The Perfect Mom doesn’t exist. What moms need to realize is that you’re going to mess up your kids. You don’t know how or when, but it will happen. You will make mistakes. Do you know why? Because you’re human. And that’s ok.

And life is messy and doesn’t always go the way we planned…

My husband passed away suddenly of a heart attack when my children were very young. I was left in shock, sadness and a fog. Slowly we put the pieces back together in our lives. But I can’t help but feel so sad for my daughters. That this trauma and loss will affect who they are to the core. It already has because they see the world differently than other children. When they play, their dolls sometimes have Daddys who died.

Despite this terrible loss, I can focus on joy and gratitude. I’m grateful that Steve chose to spend the rest of his life with me. I’m grateful that he gave me two wonderful little girls. I’m grateful that he taught me to live in the moment and choose joy and playfulness. These are the things that all moms need – joy and playfulness.

There are a million mommy decisions to make on how you will raise, feed and coach your child. There is no ONE right way. Let that go and trust your Mommy Gut. Let the Mommy Guilt go. Life will happen but if you choose joy, let go of the guilt and forgive yourself for being human, it will be a much happier ride.

– Whitney (Dr. Young, ND), mom of 2, widow, supermom and superbaby mentor, speaker, writer, naturopathic doctor >> learn more