young woman in striped desk sitting on bridge, all smiles

the secret to living well?

Optimism and presence. I wake up every single day feeling excited. It sounds extreme, but really, I am always excited for something, and I just love the feeling of knowing something amazing is about to happen or is happening.

I try to live by these two big questions: how do I want to feel? And, what I am going to do to feel this way?

I think that naming how we want to feel is really powerful – it defines our non-negotiables and acts like a bit of a GPS for the soul. I believe that everything we do, to some extent, should feed these feelings.

It’s really transformed how I parent as well. I spend a lot of time asking my son, how do you want to feel? Rather than asking him, “What do you want to be?” After all, everything we do is in some way in response to how we want to feel, and we should honour this voice!

Helping my children explore what makes them happy fuels the optimism I feel.

– Sarah, inspired, empath, believer in the goodness of all people, mindful mom, activist